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Re-Dos & Corrections

If there is an issue or flaw with the service rendered, the client must notify the management team of 24 strands and present the matter in person for examination within 48 hours. The stylist and client must coordinate their schedules and address the matter within 7 days. After 7 days, 24 strands cannot be held liable for correction. Normal wear and tear does not qualify for a correction or redo and normal service fees will apply. Normal wear and tear includes but is not limited to damage due to client sweeting or hair sweeting out do to intense activity, client not wrapping hair or implementing proper care as instructed, client tampering with hair or applying chemicals.

The management team of 24 Strands will quickly address any issues brought to their attention but cannot be held liable for any services rendered outside of the salon as employees of 24 strands are not permitted to rendered services outside of the facility without written permission from the owners. All corrections, adjustments and transactions must occur in the salon and the stylist who performed the service must be present.


All services are nonrefundable unless it has been determined that the stylist has been negligent and unable to implement the proper correction.



After 2 lateness or 1 non-show for an appointment, 24 Strands reserves the right to charge a late fee or require a deposit for future appointments.


24 Strands is a family-oriented company. Children are welcome in the salon as long as they are not unruly and stay away from the service area, chemicals, shampoos bowls and reception desk unless being serviced. We reserve the right to ask a parent or guardian to remove their children from the facility and discontinue services without refund if they cannot adhere to the rules, hazards exist, or we believe the child to be at risk of causing harm to themselves, clients, or the staff.


24 Hour Surveillance

This salon is under 24 hour surveillance


Client Interactions

Management should be notified of any inappropriate behavior displayed by stylist. 24 Strands also reserves the right to ask a client to leave the premises is they are being unruly and/or the safety of the staff or other patrons are at risk.



Solicitation of guests for purchase of any product not authorized by 24 Strands is strictly prohibited.  This includes raffles or fundraising for any activity/function.

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